Art Stone/The Competitor® has consistently been a differentiator in a “Sea of Sameness.”

Founded in 1960 by a professional dancer and teacher, the company’s emphasis is producing costumes that meet the needs and desires of dancers educators.

Art Stone taught for dance organizations, such as Dance Caravan, Dance Educators of America (DEA), Dance Masters of America (DMA), and the National Associate of Dance & Affiliated Artists (NADAA), and was widely recognized as a leading choreographer. With his father, Jules, and his wife, Nancy, he travelled the country speaking with thousands of dance teachers. The threesome listened to the teachers' needs, as well as their obstacles and goals. Through these dialogs, they were able to tailor the company’s designs to exactly what the dance teachers wanted.

Art Stone/The Competitor® was purchased by Costume Gallery, Inc. in 2014. Carrying on the Stone’s passion for serving the dance industry, the new Art Stone team is determined to deliver a wonderful costuming experience to its customers - the teachers, as well as their students, and their parents. If your classes are wearing styles from Art Stone/The Competitor®, you know their performance will be unforgettable!

Art Stone/The Competitor®: Like No Other Costume Company In The World