Art Stone/The Competitor® was founded in 1960 by Art Stone, a dance teacher and professional dancer. Because of his background, he was able to produce costumes geared to the needs and desires of dance teachers across the country. He began teaching for dance organizations, such as Dance Caravan, Dance Educators of America (DEA), Dance Masters of America (DMA), and the National Associate of Dance & Affiliated Artists (NADAA), and was soon widely recognized as a leading choreographer at dance conventions. With his father, Jules, and his wife, Nancy, the three of them travelled the United States and were able to talk with thousands of dance teachers. They listened to the dance teachers' requirements and needs, as well as their problems and goals. With this information, they were able to better tailor their designs to exactly what the dance teachers needed.

Like Art and Nancy, the Art Stone, Inc. team are continually focused on providing the dance teacher with what they need to keep their students, their parents and their staff happy through our offering as well as your experience. When dealing with Art Stone, Inc., you can always expect us to have wonderful designs, ranging from the classical to the theatrical and unique. You should expect to receive service from us that exceeds that which you receive from other companies. And you should feel confident that you will receive your costumes, made with care and with a careful eye to their quality, on time and without concern. We aspire to meet those standards.

Art Stone/The Competitor is dedicated to providing exceptional service, high quality costumes and wonderful designs delivered on time and without worry.

Art Stone/The Competitor®: Like No Other Costume Company In The World